Friday, September 16, 2011

Top Ten Things to Do on a Friday Night!

TGIF - Now What?
Well if you look at this post, and when it was made you will see that I spent my Friday night at home on my computer. As I was sitting thinking what I could do on a Friday night, this thought popped into my head: You should write a blog post and help other people figure out what they can do on a Friday night. (P.S. This is a top ten list for single people.)

Top Ten Things to Do on a Friday Night:
10. Read A Book - Mentally stimulating, and doesn't really waste the evening. Nice relaxing time consumer.

9. Bike, Longboard, Skateboard, Run, or Swim - Also relaxing, and allows you to think and take some personal time.

8. Play or Watch a Sporting Event - This is great if you have had a rough week. It allows you to unwind and gear up for the weekend.

Family Camping
7. Camping - Fun and enjoyable! Great way to spend and weekend, and the only one that is in-tents!

6. Visit Family - Family isn't it about...Time? This is always a good thing to do, even some times on a Friday night!

5. Go Dancing - Fun, entertaining, and always a good time.

4. Movie and a Pizza - The classic Friday night activity - Good movie, good food almost nothing more chill.

3. Roommates/Friends Night Out - Always a great idea when nothing else is going on. When you are with friends it's always a party.

Date Night
2. Go On A Date - This in most people's books would be the number one draft pick, but my number one will make sense when you read it. This is probably the best activity you could be doing on a Friday night. (hint hint to the guys out there...This is the 3rd Friday I have missed going out on a date in 6 months.)

1. Blog - When you have nothing else to do you might as well blog!
Honorable Mentions:
  • Go to the Temple
  • Watch YouTube Videos
  • Work
Not So Honorable Mentions:
  • Homework
  • Clean
  • Sleep
  • Facebook Stock People
  • Video Games 
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I may or may not have done 10 of the things on this list tonight...that was sort of my source for a lot of these activities. Also and maybe most important Comment below and give me your picks for your Top 10 Ideas for a Friday Night!

Normal Day? You be the judge, but its normal for me!

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Katy said...

I love Friday nights, because I typically turn down all plans, get in my PJs, pour some wine, and watch a movie or read a book. I'm go go go all week long, and Fridays are my respite.

Joshua L. Hupp said...

Dude, I told you to come over and hang out with me (item 6 on your list) on Friday. Katie and the kids hadn't made it out here yet, so I had nothing to do... so I did homework (on your "Not So Honorable" mentions list).

Anonymous said...

what about good things to do on fridays

Anonymous said...

what about good things to do on fridays

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